Creating the perfect Man-Cave. (HappyFather’s Day!)

English: A British standard pool table, showin...

English: A British standard pool table, showing a cue ball and a red/yello ball close to the (smaller) pocket. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A "man cave" housing vintag...

English: A “man cave” housing vintage motorcycles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: my dad's man cave He's a Civil War bu...

English: my dad’s man cave He’s a Civil War buff, so the whole place is tricked out in period paraphernalia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s Father’s Day this weekend and while you’re thinking of nice things to buy the special guy in your life, you may want to think about taking on a larger project to show your appreciation for all the things he does. How about creating a special place that’s all his own? Yes, we’re talking about the mystical “Man Cave”.

First, think realistically about your space availability. A man cave can be set up just about anywhere. Locations can include the garage, basement, attic, loft-space above a garage, freestanding structure in the yard like a cabin or well insulated shed or any spare room in the house. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s a dedicated space for him.

Secondly, think about what kind of guy your husband, fiancé, boyfriend is.  Is he sporty or outdoorsy? Is he a nerdy/techie guy into gaming? An intellectual book worm type? Perhaps he fancies himself a rockstar or maybe he’s a movie buff. How about a chef? A DIY-er? Maybe he’s eclectic and likes a bit of everything. His man cave has to reflect his personality and his interests.

Here are some items to consider when customizing and outfitting his space: A poker table or a pool table, a home theatre system complete with theatre style seating, a wet bar area with a draft beer set-up and fully stock bar and snack fridge and a microwave oven; A big screen TV, a stereo system and a gaming system.  Shelving for his book collection, to display his trophies, photos, etc…  Comfy furniture like recliners and futons; A work bench area with tools, a buzz saw and drills; A telescope, a wall atlas (and pushpins) and a cabinet to display shot glasses from around the world and some framed photographs that he’s taken or treasured family photos; Vintage wall art that fits the environment. If he has always wanted a “garage band” with his buddies he may need a drum kit, guitars, microphones, piano or keyboard. How about a vintage juke box?

Lastly, budget. This is probably the biggest consideration. Be realistic. It would be great to have all the whiz-bank, flashy, pricey toys that not only men love. But you can create an amazing space just for him that he will love and not blow the budget. You can find a lot of items second hand and in great condition.

Customize the room around what he loves to do and he will love it no matter how big the TV ends up being. Maybe you don’t have the room or a budget for a wet bar but a small beer fridge outfitted with vintage beer and soft-drink magnets and a wall mounted bottle opener will be met with appreciation and enthusiasm. Especially if it’s fully stocked with his favourite beverages and snacks! Perhaps you can’t afford a vintage juke box. You can get a small second-hand cd player/stereo and even a turn-table and organize all his favourite CD’s and old records. If you can’t get a couple of leather recliners then get a super comfy futon and some bar stools. No felt-covered poker table? How about a folding table with great comfy chairs around it, a strategically placed pendant lamp, a couple of decks of cards, a backgammon set, a chess board and a box of cigars. Believe me; he will be thrilled and appreciative of the time spent on the details to create a room just for him!

No matter where it’s set up, no matter whether you’ve splurged or set-it up on a budget and no matter if it’s in a garage, workshop, tool shed or basement; to him it will be a secret lair, a lion’s den, a boy’s clubhouse. It will be a place where he will relax, tinker with tools and projects, play with his toys, entertain buddies, have some Father and Son time and maybe even invite you for a special date night!

Whatever you do, you’ll do it with love and in return, he’ll love it! Happy Father’s Day!


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